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Revolt project develops an open source alternative to the Discord platform

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The Revolt project develops a communications platform aimed at creating an open source analogue of the proprietary Discord messenger. Like Discord, the Revolt platform is focused on creating platforms for organizing communication between communities and groups with common interests. Revolt allows you to run your own communication server at its facilities and, if necessary, ensure its integration with a website or communicate using available client applications. For fast server deployment , a container image for Docker is offered .

The server side of Revolt is written in Rust, uses MongoDB for storage and is distributed under the AGPLv3 license. The client part is written in TypeScript and in the desktop version is based on the Electron platform, and in the web application version – on the Preact framework and Vite toolkit . Separately, the project is developing such components as a server for voice communication, a file exchange service , a proxy and a generator.widgets embedded on the page. Mobile applications for Android and iOS are not provided; instead, it is proposed to use an installed web application operating in PWA (Progressive Web Apps) mode.

GNOME 41 RC1 Download with fixes beta bugs

The platform is in the initial beta testing stage and in its current form only supports text and voice chat, which can be used, for example, to communicate between players during the joint passage of computer games. Of the basic features, it is noted setting a user status, creating a profile with Markdown markup, attaching badges to a user, creating user groups, channels and servers, separation of powers, tools for blocking / unblocking violators, support for sending invitations (invite).

The next releases are expected to support bots, a full-fledged moderation system and modules for integration with the communication platforms Discord and Matrix. In the longer term, it is planned to implement support for secure chats (E2EE Chat), which use end-to-end encryption on the side of the participants. At the same time, the project does not intend to develop towards decentralized and federated systems that unite several servers. Revolt does not try to compete with Matrix, does not want to complicate the implementation of the protocol and considers its niche to create optimally working single servers for individual projects and communities that can be run on a cheap VPS.

Among the chat platforms close to Revolt, one can additionally note the partially open project Rocket.Chat , the server side of which is written in JavaScript, runs on the Node.js platform and is distributed under the MIT license. In Rocket.Chat, only basic functionality is open, and additional features are distributed in the form of paid add-ons. Rocket.Chat is limited to text messaging and is mainly focused on organizing corporate chats, communicating with colleagues in companies, and ensuring interaction with customers, partners and suppliers. You can also mention the open messengers Zulip , Mattermost , Wire , Gitter andBriar .

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