The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed an open license

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In the git repository of the software complex “Data showcases of the NSUD”, developed by order of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the text of the license entitled “State open license, version 1.1” was found. According to the explanatory text, the rights to the text of the license belong to the Ministry of Finance. The license is dated June 25, 2021.

In fact, the license is permissive and close to the MIT license , but it was created with an eye on Russian legislation and is much more verbose. The terms of the license contain many clarifications, already following from the legislation of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the license contains controversial points in terms of definitions. Thus, the source code is defined as “a computer program in the form of text in a programming language that can be read by a person”, which does not necessarily imply the possibility of obtaining executable code from it, and also that this code is not generated from the real source code (that is, code in the preferred form for making changes).

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The license allows you to use the program or its parts for any purposes not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and also gives the right to study, process and distribute copies of the program and its modified version on the territory of the Russian Federation and the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The license does not require you to distribute the derivative program under the terms of the same license. The text also discloses in sufficient detail the issues of exemption from liability – none of the parties to the license agreement has the right to demand compensation from the other party, including those caused by possible deficiencies or errors in the program, and the licensor is not obliged to correct deficiencies or errors.

It is noteworthy that the explanatory text indicates the version of the license 1.0, while the text of the license is version 1.1. This probably indicates that the license was being finalized in a hurry.

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