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Rocky Linux 8.3 RC Available to Download

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Rocky Linux 8.3 RC Available to Download, After IBM’s Redhat ditched CentOS 8 LTS support and terminated CentOS development. They turned Supper Stable, Secure and free CentOS into upstream release (like Fedora testing branch of Next Stable REHL), So CentOS Founder Gregory Kurtzer Shifted and Newly Created Rocky Linux 8.3 RC Based 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL 8.3 for Community.

DOWNLOAD Rocky Linux 8.3 RC

Rocky Linux 8.3 is a new generation community-driven enterprise-grade, production-ready Linux. Forked from REHL 8.3 and 100% bug-for-bug 1:1 compatible with REHL, Rocky Linux OS main aims is build and work downstream build as CentOS had done previously. So based on Rocky Linux official timeline they’re releasing their 1st release iso at 30 April 2021, Rocky Linux tweeted on Twitter due to some changes Rocky Linux team busy with packing Rocky Linux .iso finally done with full DVD and minimal iso, but while testing team test .ios they found some blocking bug and rocky linux team are working with troubleshooting,,,, and Finally today released Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1

Official Rocky Linux Announcement on Twitter

DOWNLOAD Rocky Linux 8.3 RC


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