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Sailfish OS 4.2.0 “Verla” improves the sharing of content

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The newly written function for sharing content with Sailfish OS is the most obvious change in the new version 4.2.0, whose nickname Site Verla stands for a Unesco World Heritage and refers to the history of the paper industry in Finland.

Easier sharing

Previously, the interface for sharing content could be found in the respective apps themselves, but it has been revised for Sailfish OS 4.2.0 and now offers a system pop-up for selecting the sharing method. In this way, many authorizations in the applications could be reduced and the apps made more secure. If it was previously not possible for providers of third-party apps to use the sharing functionality via the new API, this will be possible in the future .

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App grid improved

Another new feature is called Sticky App Grid . Previously, the app grid always had to be pulled up to the top edge of the display so that it clicked into place. With the new function, it is sufficient to pull up the grid until the desired app is visible. When you let go, it locks into place and allows the app to open. The main view of the calendar app makes it easier to recognize events on the respective day in the month view, as colored dots now also show which notebooks the events originate from.

The browser has also been revised. In addition to some adjustments to the side menu and the tab list, it now also allows the individual definition of the download folder. The HDR extension for the cameras is still experimental and cannot be used due to a lack of graphic implementation. There are still a few problems to be solved here, as a consistent function for the cameras installed in the supported models has not yet been achieved.

Sandboxing will soon be mandatory

The sandboxing of applications has evolved since the first delivery in February and the included apps have been tested with good results in the sandbox. This means that the time when third-party apps are required to use sandboxing is getting closer. There will soon be more information on this in the blog.

The text prediction of the virtual keyboard was made available especially for the Xperia 10 II with Sailfish OS 4.2.0. You can find more changes in the release notes . Leszek Lesner created a YouTube based on the preliminary version at the beginning of the month.

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