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Shortwave 3 expands radio station setups

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To listen to the radio in Linux in a simple way we have an application called short wave, of which version 3.0 has recently appeared. It is built with GTK and Rust and is part of GNOME through the circles initiative.

It is obvious that we are dealing with an application that performs a very specific task and that does not give much room to create something revolutionary. Moreover, it can even be said that for a long time we have lived in an era in which innovation at the level of desktop applications has been scarce, often with more aesthetic changes (yes, very elaborate depending on the case) than technological revolutions. real. However, that does not mean that Shortwave 3 does not bring interesting things.

To start with, we have the GNOME 42 dark mode support thanks to Shortwave being an application built on GTK 4. Consequently, the aesthetic theme has been updated to use the new Adwaita design which can be seen in the aforementioned version of the desktop environment (at least in its base implementation).

Shortwave 3 expands radio station setups
Shortwave 3 expands radio station setups

Another novelty is the new option that allows add private stations in the library that are not available in, but in a local network or are paid transmissions. As of this release the application is capable of show station bitrate, which can also be used as an option to sort the library. From now on it is possible to save the data of a station on disk to keep them in case they are deleted from the online database.

Continuing with more Shortwave 3 stuff, the new button on the search page allows you to sort the resultsthe station dialog has been revised to provide clearer information, the desktop notification has been modified to update instead of generating a new notification for each song (thus getting closer to what audio file players do in local) and the app can be used even if is not available or not working.

Shortwave 3 Mini Player

Shortwave 3 mini player.

Shortwave makes available about 30,000 radio stations from all over the world thanks to the support of the database. In addition to its default GTK look, it has a miniplayer mode that reduces the size of the window and gives it an old radio look. The application, which is published under the license GPLv3can be easily and easily obtained in Flatpak format through Flathub.

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