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Siduction 2021.2.0 with new manual and plasma 5.22.4

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siduction 2021.2.0, a rolling release distribution based on Debian Sid, turns 10 these days. On this occasion, the developers are releasing the third release this year.

Farewell as a farewell for a friend

The desktops that siduction 2021.2.0 »Farewell« delivers are KDE Plasma 5.20.5 and Plasma Future 5.22.4, LXQt 0.16.0-1, Cinnamon, Xfce 4.16, Lxde 11, as well as the images Xorg and noX, where Xorg starts with Fluxbox while noX has no X at all. GNOME and MATE didn’t make it again, as there is no maintainer within siduction for it. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. Of course, both desktops can still be installed from the repository.

Current kernel 5.13.6

The released images of siduction 2021.2.0 are a snapshot of Debian Unstable, also known as Sid, dated 07/28/2021. They are enriched with some useful packages and scripts, an installer based on Calamares and an adapted version of the Linux kernel 5.13.6. Systemd stands at v247.3-6.

iNet Wireless Daemon in action

The changes since the last release in packages and desktops are manageable, as Debian was in freeze for Debian 11 during the entire development period. For fans of current plasma editions, Plasma Future 5.22.4. The image is based on the packages from Norbert Preining and the Debian KDE Qt team. who are also responsible for Plasma 5.20.5 in the upcoming Debian 11. This image uses Intel’s for WLAN access iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd) and has doas as an alternative to sudo pre-installed . Iwd is also preconfigured in the images for Xorg and noX. Further tests are due for the remaining desktops in order to be able to retire WPA supplicant with one of the next publications.

MX Linux 21 Beta Download

Manual reissued

According to the real highlight is release notes , the the siduction manual, which was started in 2006 by sidux , a predecessor of siduction and which has been neglected over the years. Now the 300-page manual is technically and content-wise up-to-date and has been integrated into the image. It can also be PDF or HTML downloaded in or on the website read . The manual is planned to be published in English for the next release.

The images of siduction 2021.2.0 »Farewell« are in the available download area of in 64-bit the project. By the way, the code name »Farewell« does not refer to a discontinuation of the distribution, but is a memory of a deceased member of the core team.

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