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Slackware 15.0 RC1 Available to Download

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Slackware 15.0 RC1 Available to Download .iso, With Debian 11 Bullseye freshly out of the bag, the next highly-anticipated release will undoubtedly be that of Slackware Linux 15.0, a major update of the world’s oldest surviving Linux distribution.

Patrick Volkerding has just announced that Slackware’s “Current” branch, which has received a long list of updates recently, has “most things frozen” in preparation for the final release: “Along with the usual suspects, I’ve been trying to clear out the list of things that needed to get done in order to reach the standard of excellence demanded from acSlackware release, and I think we’ve gotten it pretty close. GCC was bumped to version 11.2.0 (because we just can’t send this out 2 versions behind), and everything was verified to build properly or fixed up so that it did. I don’t see any benefit to another public mass rebuild, so we’re not going to do one. Anyway, without further ado, here is Slackware 15.0 release candidate one. Consider most things frozen and the focus now to be any remaining blocker bugs. We’ll more than likely take that next Plasma bug-fix release, but it’s soon time to get off this treadmill.” See the distribution’s changelog for a list of recent changes.

Slackware Linux 15.0 RC1 Download

Here are the download link to Slackware’s unofficial installation DVD and installation mini CD built from Slackware’s “Current” tree:

slackware64-current-install-dvd.iso (3,259MB),

slackware64-current-mini-install.iso (124MB).

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