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Solus OS 4.2 Update Release Download

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Joshua Strobl announced the release of Solus 4.2 “Fortitude”.

Solus is a standalone Linux distribution for 64 bit machines that uses the proprietary Budgie desktop. All the desktop components have been written from scratch using GTK and Vala and C. The system is closely related to GNOME and has many GNOME components integrated into the Budgie desktop.

The most important changes in this release include:

– Linux kernel 5.10.12
– Budgie 10.5.2
– GNOME 3.38.3
– MATE 1.24
– Plasma Desktop 5.20.5, KDE Frameworks 5.78, KDE Applications 20.12.1 i QT 5.15.2
– Brisk Menu 0.6.2
– Firefox 85.0
– LibreOffice
– Thunderbird 78.6.1
– Wersje Budgie, GNOME i MATE są dostarczane z Rhythmbox do odtwarzania dźwięku, a najnowsza wersja rozszerzenia Alternate Toolbar zapewnia bardziej nowoczesne wrażenia użytkownika.
– Budgie i GNOME są dostarczane z GNOME MPV do odtwarzania wideo.
– MATE jest dostarczany z VLC do odtwarzania wideo.
– Plazma jest dostarczana z Elisa do odtwarzania dźwięku i SMPlayerem do odtwarzania wideo.
– Mesa 20.3.3
– Vulkan 1.2 API support
– ffmpeg 4.3.1
– dav1d AV1 decoder 0.8.1
– Pulseaudio 14.1

This release of Solus ships with Linux kernel 5.10.12, which enables support for a range of newer devices such as:

  • Newer 5th generation AMD Ryzen processors such as 5600X to 5950X.
  • Newer Intel Comet Lake processors such as the Intel Core i9-10850K.

Download Solus 4.2 Update ;

Solus Budgie


Solus MATE

Solus Plasma

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