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Sony accelerates on OpenSource and Linux in particular

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Sony is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic equipment.
Its name is linked to products of all levels, from the consumer to the most demanding professional, really in many fields:

  • audio / video such as Hi-Fi, televisions, blu-ray players and camcorders;
  • telephony with mobile phones, smartphones and tablets;
  • photography;
  • information technology, in particular laptops and monitors;
  • video games (not just Playstation …);
  • medical apparatus;
  • there is probably more, but the list is already long.

Obviously all these devices rely on (or have inside them) software that manages them so that they perform the various functions for which they were designed. The choice of technologies to be implemented in the software itself is fundamental, and it seems that Sony has been aiming for the ubiquitous introduction of Linux for nearly twenty years .

Not bad, huh?

In order to achieve the goal, however, an order from above is not enough, but the collaboration and commitment of the whole company is needed which, in the case of Sony, is by no means a small thing.

At the latest Linux Foundation Open-Source Summit / Embedded Linux Conference – an event dedicated to the use of Linux in electronic devices – Sony retraced its history of gradual introduction and diffusion. And how, given that many devices use Linux, now is the time to accelerate, training the company’s workers to learn about and use open-source technologies.

Here are the slides of the intervention , in case you were curious.

This endorsement and commitment can only please us, and it demonstrates once again – not that it was needed – the inclusive strength of the open-source model, combined with the quality of the product code. Usable on many models and on a large scale.

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