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System76 is a toxic collaborator, denounced from GNOME

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And what does GNOME say about System76’s plans to create its own desktop ? Any. He says it about something else, although it is not exactly GNOME as an organization – although it could well be – the one that raises its voice, but Chris Davis, one of its developers in an extensive article entitled “System76: a case study on how not to collaborate with the upstream «.

«The following post was written in the context of the events that occurred in September. […] I waited hoping that we could come to a happy ending with System76. As time passes, that hope has faded. Attempts to connect to System76 have not been productive, and I think we’ve let the impression that GNOME has been given to the tech community linger too long, ”Davis begins.

Davis accuses System76 of launching FUD ( fear, uncertainty and doubt , as is) against GNOME , but also against specific people in the GNOME environment as a result of the debates about the future of the project that led to the noted GNOME Way article. It is also not the first time that System76 acts like this, according to Davis, who has lost his confidence in the company correcting its ways.

Davis illustrates the “System76 behavior pattern” with numerous examples that we are not going to reproduce because this article would take too long, but that cover a little of everything, inside and outside the GNOME environment : communication problems that lead to breakdown, it is the case of LVFS; illegitimate attributions and bad spirits with collaboration, is the case of Ubuntu; and with GNOME, including conflicting positions on usability and design.

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Beyond the conflicting positions and the discussion, however, Davis accuses System76 of misusing, misrepresenting and attacking GNOME as one would not expect from a company that is supposed to share goals and development paths and, I add, nothing Less than with a member of the GNOME Foundation Advisory Council such as System76  since 2018 .

Each of the examples that Davis offers, however, requires investigating and contemplating both parties in equal measure, as they would give for different articles. In his are all the fonts and signs of System76’s attitude that don’t leave a good impression. Now, depending on the noise generated by this complaint in the community, the American assembler will surely answer, as he has done in the usual way.

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