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Tails 4.25 launches new graphical backup tool

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We already have between us Tails 4.25, the latest version of “Portable operating system that protects you from surveillance and censorship”, or at least that’s how the project describes itself. For those who are lost, it is a Linux distribution belonging to the Tor Project and a live session aimed at those who seek security and anonymity.

Tails 4.25 arrives with some important news. The first is the new graphical utility to backup persistent storage to another Tails USB stick, which automates the backup process described in the project documentation and requires using the command line. The tool is quite basic for now, but those responsible hope to improve it in the future. At least it is a step forward in carrying out a process that may be important to the users of this distribution.

The other important novelty of Tails 4.25 is the adding an entry called “Tails (External Hard Disk)” in the GRUB boot loader. This feature has been added to be able to start the system from an external hard drive or a USB memory that used to return the following error: Unable to find a medium containing a live file system (Cannot find a media that contains a live file system.)

For the rest, we find the usual updates, with Tor Browser version 11.0.2, Tor service version, plus the addition of a keyboard shortcut to restart Tails when Unsafe Browser is not enabled on the welcome screen. A link from the Tor connection wizard error screen has also been added to the project documentation to easily get a possible solution.

Finally, it is worth noting the correction of the problems with the screen when running the Insecure Browser and the removing VirtualBox guest drivers (guest additions) because they were giving problems and are not properly maintained by Debian. Another detail to keep in mind is that automatic updates are broken in version 4.14 and earlier of the system and some instructions have to be followed in versions 4.15, 4.16, 4.17 and 4.18.

Beyond certain news that have emerged, especially since Edward Snowden leaked NSA documents in 2013, the Tor network is still widely used by groups and individuals who want to keep their online activity safe. In addition, being free software, it offers levels of transparency that many VPNs would like to have, which are proprietary and often know perfectly who is connected to them.

All the details of Tails 4.25 are available in the official announcement and the change list, while those interested can download the system from the corresponding section on the project website. We remember that it is a live system built with the purpose of offering strong privacy and security.

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