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Tails 5.0: the Linux distro that protects your privacy makes the leap to Debian 11

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Tails 5.0 is the new version of the amnesic incognito live system , the most popular of the Linux distributions focused on the protection of privacy on the Internet and, as you can see, it comes with round numbers, which is worth dedicating a space exclusively to it , instead of, as we do more often, relegating it to PING .

releases in a timely manner Tails is that they happen pretty often and the changes are usually minimal. The secret of Tails to offer the high level of privacy that it offers is to be based on the Tor network and for greater guarantee, it is essential to have each new version of Tor that appears and that incorporates security and other patches. Thus, Tails is updated every time Tor is updated.

Of course, Tails is a Linux distribution and it also has other components apart from Tor, so it receives other types of updates. Tails 5.0 is an unbeatable example of this, since the major version jump corresponds to the base system jump, since Tails 5 moves its foundations to Debian 11 ‘Bullseye’ , with all the new features that this entails.

But if the jump to Debian 11 is important, the corresponding update with the desktop environment, from GNOME 3.30 to GNOME 3.38, including GNOME Shell . Other updates include, of course, Tor 11.0.11 , just out of the oven, also with a curious numbering; LibreOffice 7.0, MAT 0.12, Audacity 2.4.2, GIMP 2.10.22, Inkscape 1.0…

On the other hand, Tails 5.0 replaces the applet with Kleopatra , so the KDE certificate manager takes over from the GNOME certificate manager, as they explain, because the first component is abandoned and the second is very well maintained. poor, which, by way of personal appreciation, leaves me a little strange, because I always thought that Seahorse works great. Kleopatra provides equivalent features in a single tool and is in active development.

Other new features in Tails 5.0 include the persistent storage add-on feature enabled by default to speed up the installation and configuration of packages with greater security, beyond those that are integrated into the system by default. It should be noted again at this point that Tails is used live from a USB typically, without installing the system to disk, but with persistent storage to talk settings and data between sessions.

More data and download of Tails 5.0, in the official announcement .

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