The Open Source Security Foundation receives $ 10 million in funding

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The Linux Foundation has announced a $ 10 million commitment to the OpenSSF (Open Source Security Foundation), an effort to improve the security of open source software. Funds raised through royalties from parent companies of OpenSSF, including Amazon, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Facebook, Fidelity, GitHub, Google, IBM, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Red Hat, Snyk, and VMware …

As a reminder, the work of OpenSSF is focused on such areas as coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities, distribution of patches, development of security tools, publication of best practices for secure development organization, identification of security-related threats in open source software, audit and hardening work. critical open source projects, creating tools to verify the identity of developers. OpenSSF continues to build on initiatives such as the Core Infrastructure Initiative and the Open Source Security Coalition , and brings together other security-related work being undertaken by the companies that have joined the project.

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