The World’s First iPadOS Style Linux Distro is Available Soon

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JingOS is Ubuntu based most beautiful iPadOS Style Linux distribution is Available Soon,,, & I’m very excited About it

Mobile First, Well Designed

● iPadOS-like UI and UX

● Multi-Touch gestures supported

● Beautifully designed icons and animations

● Compatible with Surface Pro 6, Huawei Matebook 14…

JingOS Native Apps

JingOS comes with several basic mobile Linux apps, including Calendar, Timer, Files, Media Player, and Calculator.

Full-Function Linux That Can Run Desktop Apps

JingOS is a full-function Linux based on Ubuntu. It can run desktop Linux apps like VS Code, Libre Office, etc. JingOS is a productive OS designed specifically for tablets.

Watch Promo Video;

Download Available for All from Jan 31, 2021


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