three courses on edX to develop open source

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The Linux Foundation has published three new courses on the platform edX with which their corresponding certificates can be obtained.

For those who are lost, edX is a MOOC platform created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. It runs on its own platform technology, edX, which is published as open source on GitHub. It has a close relationship with The Linux Foundation and stands out for making courses related to Open Source technologies available.

New courses published by The Linux Foundation on edX are Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers (LFD107x), Linux Tools for Software Development (LFD108x), and Git for Distributed Software Development (LFD109x). Everyone they are initially free and they can be obtained together through a package called Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git, although having a minimum knowledge of English is essential.

about the course Open Source Software Development: Linux for Developers, your description says that “will guide developers to understand the ‘rules of the road’ and create open source software, whether as a novice or as someone primarily experienced in creating and working with proprietary code”.

Some of the most important points are separating the kernel from the operating system and making contributions. “It covers the graphical interface of the system, as well as working on the command line, and goes on to discuss file systems, major system components, user accounts, and more, to help you fully orient yourself to working on a Linux system”.

As for the prerequisites are having some experience in software development and with the command line, as well as using a recent Linux system, either on the physical machine or through a virtual machine.

The course Linux Tools for Software Development offers training on the tools that the developer might need to develop from Linux. “It begins by introducing the many essential command line tools that are used daily in software development. It then focuses on bash scripting, explaining how to build scripts and how to perform very complicated tasks in an automated way.”

“The course discusses files and file systems and focuses on compiling programs on Linux, using GCC and other compilers, and using libraries of different types. This course also covers Linux software package creation and more.”.

In Git for Distributed Software Development, the student will learn how to install Git and use it, so it is rather aimed at people with little or no knowledge of the well-known version control software created by Linus Torvalds and released under the GPLv2 license.

Being more concrete, “The course will teach you how to find errors in your work and the work of others, and how to go back to a working copy to quickly identify the change that caused the error. You’ll also become familiar with some essential Git procedures, such as cloning, forking, making commits, getting diffs, merging, and rebasing. The course will cover complicated workflows so you understand how to approach them when problems arise”.

The three courses will start today, January 25, 2022. They will then be archived on the edX platform, where they should continue to be available and deferred, but with some limitations such as the impossibility of obtaining the certificate, so if you are interested, hurry up.

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