Thunderbird 91 Download with Apple M1 Support and Many New Features

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Thunderbird 91 Download with Apple M1 Support and Many New Features, Thunderbird 91 is the latest version of this popular email client, which is quite popular not only because it is published as free software, but also because it is easy to configure and use for those users who do not have deep knowledge about these types of applications. On the other hand, it comes loaded with news for the three operating systems that it officially supports: Linux, Windows and macOS.

The first thing that stands out from Thunderbird 91 is the support for the Apple M1 and other ARM processors from the Cupertino giant. The Apple M1 was one of the great technological revolutions of 2020, combining high performance with low power consumption, laying the foundation for ARM’s assault on the personal computer market. The older version of the client may work fine with Rosetta, but it is nice to have a version compiled for the new architecture to take better advantage of it.

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Moving towards a more multiplatform terrain, Thunderbird 91 now operates by default in multiprocess (e10s), has included a new user interface to attach files, has enabled message redirection, allows changing the order of accounts in the user interface, it can display empty carbon copy and blind carbon copy rows in the window and compose warn when a user replies to “no-reply” email account (noreply@example.com).

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Continuing with the highlights, support for non-ASCII characters in the address container, language packs and dictionaries has been added to the ‘about: support’ section and the PDF.js viewer. Also added at OpenPGP level the option “Copy ID from key” to the contextual menu of the key manager and an option in the configuration to disable encryption in saved drafts.

When it comes to contacts, Thunderbird 91 incorporates support for CardDAV address books, which are automatically detected based on information provided by the user. In addition, the launch at hand has access to Outlook contacts, although to enable it you have to set ‘ldap_2.servers.outlook.dirType’ to 3 in the ‘about: config’ section.

In order to stand up to rivals like Evolution, the Lightning calendar has long been an official part of Thunderbird. On this front, we find support for the automatic detection of remote calendars, the addition of the “Edit” option in the contextual menu of an event, support to open ‘.ics’ files by double-clicking and you can filter and sort elements that they are imported through the corresponding dialog box.

To finish with the news, we can mention the beta support for Matrix servers, the support for undo and redo for events and create and draft tasks, as well as the request for permissions to access the calendar and the address book so that the process does not have to be repeated in the future when setting up a Gmail account.

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Regarding the changes introduced in Thunderbird 91 compared to previous versions of the application, we have several renamed sections and options; the settings of the accounts moved to a tab; the rewriting in JavaScript of the implementations of the SMTP protocol, the LDAP protocol and the sending backend, which now only operate in UTF-8 mode; sending a message will fail if the SMTP server does not accept any recipients; end-to-end encryption will be disabled in advanced settings if encryption has not been configured; Movemail and WeTransfer support as FileLink provider has been removed; Image-based emoticons have been replaced by Unicode; and libera.chat is now the default IRC server for new chat accounts.

Finally, we have corrections for, among other things, the inappropriate handling of self-signed certificates on IMAP servers, for various problems detected with special characters and non-ASCII in folder names in IMAP, for temporary errors on POP3 servers that were causing Thunderbird to stop downloading and several improvements have been made to the new notification message.

Those who want to know all the details about Thunderbird 91 can consult the release notes . The application is not available as an update from version 78 nor can it be obtained from the official website , so for now you have to Download Thunderbird 91 from here . On the other hand, Linux users still receive an update via repository, but that depends on the decision made by the maintainers of the distribution.

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