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Tiny Core Linux 12.0 Update Release Available

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Tiny Core Linux is one of the world’s smallest Linux distributions which uses the BusyBox userland utilities. The project’s latest release, Tiny Core Linux 12.0, introduces a number of new fixes, package updates, and updated hardware support. “Changelog for 12.0: kernel updated to 5.10.3, glibc updated to 2.32 gcc updated to 10.2.0, binutils updated to 2.35.1, e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.45.6, util-linux base libs/apps updated to 2.36.1, busybox updated to 1.33.0, busybox patched to load more than 9 extensions, busybox patched to remove ‘Module has invalid ELF header’, tc-config: no gratuitous permissions changes in /opt from bdantas, tc-functions: version changes from andyj, clarifying comment, busybox-aliases: additions from bdantas, comments from bdantas, tce-setup: remove neeedless timestamp from bdantas, tce-config: more precise /opt copying from bdantas, tce-config: rename autoscan from polikuo, tc-config: similar awk rounding….” Further details can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. The distribution is available in three editions: a minimal Core, a desktop flavour called TinyCore, and a full installation image called CorePlus.


Core-current.iso (15MB, MD5),

TinyCore-current.iso (20MB, MD5),

CorePlus-current.iso (155MB, MD5).

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