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Tor Browser 10.5 adds support for Wayland

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Tor Browser 10.5 is the new version of the web browser based on Firefox and the Tor network, the most popular alternative to navigate the Web with the best possible privacy guarantees, and if it is a novelty in these parts you already know why, because we anticipated it in the headline: Wayland support has arrived .

That Tor Browser 10.5 finally Wayland support releases does not mean that previous versions did not work in sessions on the new Linux graphical protocol, only that they were not adapted to it as appropriate. As indicated, Tor Browser is based on Firefox, but on Firefox ESR, the extended support version focused on companies with a monthly update cycle with security patches and annually with the rest of the news that the Mozilla web browser incorporates.

Thus, Tor Browser 10.5 is still based on Firefox 78 ESR , launched at the end of June last year and with all the “delay” that this entails with respect to the current version of the web browser, Firefox 89 and aesthetic and functional renovation via ‘Proton’ (which Tor Browser users won’t see appear until October), waiting for Firefox 90 to be released in the next few days.

Be that as it may, each new version of Tor Browser is a must for all its users to maintain privacy guarantees and this is no exception, although it comes with the gift of Wayland. Other new features include the update of the key components of the browser, such as the HTTPS-Everywhere or NoScript plugins or the new Snowflake anti-censorship system, as well as a new alert system that will be activated when browsing “onion” sites v2 from October 2021 , when they will be obsolete.

With the release of Tor Browser 10.5 already available, it won’t take long for the new version of Tails to appear, the proprietary Linux distribution whose base component is this one. But anyone can use Tor Browser on their system without even installing it. There is no form accessible to the common of the mortals that offers a higher level of privacy to surf the Internet, with its cons, of course, such as many annoyances to make normal use of popular services, or an irregular browsing speed.

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