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Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Release

so today ubuntu going to release he’s Ubuntu 20.04 LTS versions 2nd point release is Ubuntu 20.04.2 in that version canonical going to upgrade most of thing & mainly important & exciting is they decided & upgraded ubuntu kernel 5.4 to Kernel 5.8 which is used in Ubuntu 20.10 in last year Oct 2020 even kernel 5.8 is better. hardware support for AMD newer cheapset

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS comes with the GNOME 3.36.8 desktop environment by default, while Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie, and Ubuntu Kylin flavors feature the KDE Plasma 5.18.5, LXQt 0.14.3, Xfce 4.14, MATE 1.24, Budgie 10.5.1, as well as UKUI 2.0.2 desktop environments respectively, with many great upgraded & bug fixed changes.


UBUNTU Desktop 20.04.2


UBUNTU KDE (Kubuntu)


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