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Ubuntu Based CutefishOS 0.4 Download and Test

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Ubuntu Based CutefishOS 0.4 Download and Test, CutefishOS is a Linux desktop operating system and new genration Desktop Environment that focuses on simplicity, beauty and practicality. Cutefish DE goal is to provide users with a comfortable interface design, a better user experience, and meet the needs of various scenarios, CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 is based on ubuntu 21.04

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4 offers an easy way to test the current state of development.

The distribution now has its own package manager for updating Cutefish called tap . The call is made as an unprivileged user without sudo. This allows the desktop environment to be continuously updated in the rolling release model.

CutefishOS Ubuntu v0.4

The current version of CutefishOS Ubuntu also contains an alternative settings center for advanced system configuration.

The Calamares installer has been revised and now activates zRam automatically during the installation.

All New CutefishOS and DE Comes to Linux World

PipeWire is active by default and can also be configured via the settings center.

As part of the update of the desktop environment, the file manager has been further improved and now offers an ‘Open with …’ dialog. In addition, a basic thumbnail functionality for images has been integrated.

Elements for multimedia control have been added to the status bar and the font display on the desktop has been improved.

Further information and download options can be found on the project’s homepage .

Alternatively, friends of the Manjaro distribution a current build with can CutefishOS v0.4 download and test . Please note that the ISO is offered there as a multipart ZIP archive and that all parts are required for unpacking. A download via tor

Download CutefishOS Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute hippo) 

NEW! Download: MEGA / Direct Link – Cutefish-Ubuntu v0.4 Beta – Developer Edition

Zorin OS 16 Download With Pro, Core and Lite Version

Download: MEGA / Direct Link – Cutefish-Ubuntu v0.1.2 Beta – Developer Edition

Download – Cutefish-Ubuntu v0.1.1 Beta – Developer Edition

Download – Cutefish-Ubuntu v0.1 Beta – Developer Edition


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