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Ubuntu Touch OTA-18 Provided for Testing

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The UBports Foundation is calling for testing of Ubuntu Touch OTA-18, which will be officially released on July 14th. The announcement states that despite the slowdown in new feature development due to the move from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 20.04, there are some improvements in OTA-18.

Lomiri has become leaner

An improvement across all supported devices will be achieved by streamlining Lomiri, formerly Unity. The Ubuntu Touch System UI has learned to scale down background images at runtime without affecting system performance. With the supported devices, the amount of memory saved depends on the screen resolution and the resolution of the background image of the respective device.

Browser Morph receives navigation history

The notification app has support for stickers, and message storage has been made more robust. The browser Morph opens tabs that are opened from an existing tab right next to the original tab. There is a navigation history that can be traversed using the keyboard arrow keys. Timers and alarms have been upgraded. If an alarm is missed, it will now be snoozed instead of removed.

Media hub rewritten

Media-Hub, the system service responsible for playing audio and video content, has been rewritten. This makes the service easier to maintain and easier to expand in the future. Since this involves far-reaching changes, the developers would be happy if applications that play native audio or video content were tested particularly intensively.

If you want to help with testing, you can device to the release channel update your by going to Settings | Updates | Update Settings | Selects Release Channel rc and then in Updates installs the downloaded update . A GitHub project shows the components that should still be tested. in a forum thread Questions in the context of the tests are answered

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