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Ubuntu Unity and Cinnamon Remix versions 21.10 available

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Ubuntu is not only the most popular distribution, but also the most exploited when it comes to creating derivative systems. Apart from the official members of the family, there are derivatives such as Zorin, elementary, neon (which has everything in distribution except the name) and Mint, to which are added remixes unofficial such as Unity and Cinnamon Remix , of which versions have appeared. 21.10.

Ubuntu Unity 21.10

Ubuntu Unity is the attempt to keep alive Unity 7 , Canonical’s mythical shell that has been the face of Ubuntu for years, but has ended up abandoned after the company gave up its strategy around the consumer market.

Ubuntu Unity officials say the desktop environment has received major changes in version 21.10, “including new and updated flags and the migration of schemas from ‘glib-2.0’ to ‘gsettings-ubuntu-schemas’ ” . The system now has a new look that includes a simpler logo, new wallpapers, and a new splash screen for Ubiquity’s Plymouth, plus the project is undergoing a slow migration process to GitLab due to the fact that its current structure cannot handle heavy traffic.

Ubuntu Unity has decided to adopt the Snap version of Firefox for version 21.10, thus following the line set by Canonical. On the other hand, it has published the first beta of ‘ lol , which is not a reference to League of Legends or lots of laugh , but an Open Source alternative to the Snap Store and published under GPLv3 .

Lastly we have the Ubuntu Unity ISO image builder released as part of the project Ubuntu Remixes to allow anyone to build new Ubuntu remixes. This tool has recently started to be used by Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix as well.

  • Ubuntu Unity 21.10 Official Announcement
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Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 21.10

And what about Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix? Well, it’s Ubuntu with Cinnamon, no more. Here we find version 4.8.6 of the desktop environment powered by Linux Mint. The developers intended to include version 5.0.5, but due to Debian Bullseye’s freezing process, it was released too late to incorporate it.

Firefox 93 is served in Deb format, but a Snap package is expected in the next version. There is also GIMP 2.10.24, GNOME applications from versions 3.38 and 40 of the environment (for the software center they have taken the one from the latest version), LibreOffice 7.2.1 and Yaru-Cinnamon has been introduced as a GTK 4 theme .

Added to all that has been mentioned so far is the fact that the presence of the installer Ubiquity in the live environment and the use of Linux 5.13 , Python 3.9, Ruby 2.7, PHP 8.0, Perl 5.32.1 and version 11.2.0 of the GNU compiler collection.

  • Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 21.10 Official Announcement
  • Descargar Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 21.10


As we can see, and beyond the battles that exist between communities and users, Ubuntu remains, for a long time, the face of Linux on the desktop, something that many others are obviously trying to take advantage of as part of the game proposed by free software.

Ubuntu Unity and Cinnamon Remix only add to the enormous amount of proposals that exist on the same technological base, although possibly the first one will delight those who still miss Unity 7, which for many in most aspects was better than GNOME Shell.

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