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UbuntuDDE 20.10 Deepin Groovy Gorilla Released

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Hello community! Firstly, on behalf of the team and myself, I’d like to thank the UbuntuDDE Remix Community and our precious donors, patrons, sponsors, supporters and well-wishers for motivating and supporting us for our next release. We had an outstanding journey of 6 months after the successful launch of UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04 LTS in April and we hope you’ll love the distribution more with this release.

In the past 6 months, we had few ups and downs but finally got our way to successfully port the beautiful and modern desktop environment from Deepin v20. Personally, I’d like to thank Felix Yan (from Arch Linux), David Mohammed (from Ubuntu Budgie) and everyone else for always supporting and helping us throughout the journey.

And today, we’re back with another exciting release, UbuntuDDE Remix 20.10 codenamed “groovy” (Groovy Gorilla) . Groovy is a non-LTS release which will have support for the next nine months till July 2021. This release can be considered as the most awaited release for the community as it is shipped with the fresh new Deepin Desktop Environment from Deepin v20.

Key features of UbuntuDDE Remix Groovy

  • Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy base system.
  • Deepin Desktop Environment from Deepin v20.
  • New native applications preinstalled including Deepin Music, Device Manager, Deepin Movies, Image Viewer, Boot Maker, System Monitor, Deepin Calculator, Deepin Text Editor, Deepin Terminal and more.
  • Firefox 81.0.2 as default web browser.
  • LibreOffice as default office package.
  • Latest Ubuntu base packages preinstalled.
  • Linux Kernel 5.8.0 and Kwin window manager as default ported from Deepin’s fork of Kwin.
  • New beautiful wallpapers and assets from the UbuntuDDE Remix Team and Deepin.
  • Calamares Installer for easy Installation of the Distribution.
  • Snap plugin for Software Center preinstalled.
  • Future more exciting software packages through OTA updates.

Bug fixes after Beta release

  • Added: Open As Administrator on right click.
  • Added : Refresh button on right click.
  • Fixed: WiFi Network not showing nearest AP.
  • Fixed: Black shadow frame across the window.
  • Fixed: Rounded corners on the Dock.
  • Fixed: Blur on Notification Panel.
  • Fixed: Magic Lamp Effect not working properly.
  • Fixed: Lock screen wallpaper not changing.
  • Fixed: Minor glitches in windows manager.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Recommended System Requirements

RAM: Minimum of 4 GB.
Drive Space: At least 20 GB free space.
CPU: At least 2 GHz Processor or better.

To try/install the Operating System, head towards our Download page and to support our project financially, visit our Donate page. Learn more about this release, please visit the Features page and checkout some screenshot collection in our Digital Assets page.

If you encounter any issue or need help from the awesome community, visit our Support page. To report an issue or search for an existing bug, visit our Github Issue Tracker.


Powerful Base System

UbuntuDDE OS is a fusion of Ubuntu base system created by Canonical and Ubuntu’s strong community, and a beautiful Desktop environment in the Linux world, Deepin Desktop Environment. With the stable Kernel of Ubuntu and better support on Graphics Drivers, UbuntuDDE can be your next favorite Operating system.

Beautiful Designs

Talking about the UI, It has a modern and efficient User interface for stunning user experience. It has a Modern Dock that gives users a convenient place to access apps and features.

Ubuntu Software

UbuntuDDE yields and operates software packages from Ubuntu Repository. As we know, Ubuntu repository mirrors are spreaded worldwide. Hence, make the updates faster, easier and stable. The UbuntuDDE team ensures that the DDE packages from the upstream (Linux Deepin Repository) also will be distributing the current immense DDE via Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

Control Center

With intuitive design UbuntuDDE provides the very Modern Control center to its users. Which we can say All in one Control center that is easier for users to access and control on different aspects of the system. From system configuration, user accounts management to customization, you get all in the single dash.

File Manager

Including Modern look and Eye pleasing experience, File Manager consists of decent file management system that allows users to manage their files in an elegant manner.

Deepin Desktop Environment

An astonishing Desktop Environment in the Linux world that is originally designed and maintained by Deepin technology and Deepin Community. DDE consists of the Desktop Environment, Window Manager, Control Center, Launcher and Dock. DDE is a modern looking elegant desktop environment giving a different taste of desktop experience.

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