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Upcoming change package for Fedora 35

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The FESCo Committee has agreed on a package of changes for the upcoming version of the Fedora 35 distribution. These changes do not only apply to software updates, but also to repository configuration or system performance optimization. Fedora 35 is likely to be released this fall.

Only recently has the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo), which deals with technical changes in the development of the Fedora distribution, approved a package of changes for its upcoming new version. Some of these changes could provide users with better system performance and configuration options, as well as the availability of new software packages.

Fedora 35 will make it easier to add third-party software package repositories that will be re-enabled by default without the need for additional user configuration. Also new will be the automatic optimization of sector size settings on encrypted disk partitions using LUKS during system installation. Above all, developers expect performance improvements from this change.

Fedora 35 Testing Build Download With GNOME 40.3

As part of software updates, users can expect, for example, RPM 4.17, OpenSSL 3.0, LLVM 13, PHP 8.0, Golang 1.17 or even the transition to Firewalld 1.0. At the same time, Python 3.5, whose support ended last fall, will be permanently removed from the new Fedora. The developers have also decided to move to new versions of the tools when building the system, namely GCC 11, glibc 2.34, binutils 2.37, gdb 10.2 or Python 3.10.

A list of all changes agreed so far in Fedora 35 can be found on the wiki distribution , or in the news archive at . For now, the beta version can be expected to be available for public testing in a month, and a stable version of Fedora 35 could be released in late October.

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