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Valve Steam Planning a Linux Powered Portable Gaming Console

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Valve Steam Planning a Linux Powered Portable Gaming Console, Fans of gaming on Linux received some good news this week as Arstechnica has reported Valve is working on a portable gaming platform which is expected to run Linux. “Video game and hardware studio Valve has been secretly building a Switch-like portable PC designed to run a large number of games on the Steam PC platform via Linux – and it could launch, supply chain willing, by year’s end. Multiple sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the hardware has been in development for some time, and this week, Valve itself pointed to the device by slipping new hardware-related code into the latest version of Steam, the company’s popular PC gaming storefront and ecosystem.” Valve has been working to make its collection of team games work though the WINE-based Proton project which would boost compatibility with any Linux-based device. (Source by Distrowatch)

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