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VirtualBox 6.1.24 Update Supports Linux 5.13

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The developers at Oracle were a little faster this time with the support of the current kernel than in April, when VirtualBox 6.1.20 could only be used relatively late with 5.11. VirtualBox 6.1.24 update now enables the use of the virtualization solution under the current Linux 5.13.

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SUSE distribution kernel supported

This applies to both hosts and guests. This means that both host systems with Linux 5.13 can run VirtualBox 6.1.24 and guests can run with this kernel version. For the first time, VirtualBox now also supports the distribution kernels from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) in Version 15 with Service Pack 3 (SP3). In addition, a regression from 6.1.20 in the guest additions that prevented their installation with Kernel on Ubuntu 16.04 has been removed. Another fix for the guest additions concerns the elimination of a crash cause when using a shared folder between host and guest.

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Correct modular construction

The VirtualBox installation program has been updated for Linux hosts, it no longer tries to create kernel modules that are already installed in the correct module version on the system. For all supported platforms, VirtualBox 6.1.24 brings improvements and fixed bugs in the area of ​​audio. In the Extension Pack under Linux, errors with passing USB webcams through have been eliminated. Support for EFI for the emulation of the E1000 network adapter is new to report, as well as generally improved stability with EFI.

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VirtualBox installed quickly via .run file

Anyone who, like me, prefers the Oracle version to the respective distribution edition can easily access VirtualBox 6.1.24 via .run-Install the file, as the colleague Stefan Hackebeil describes in in his blog detail .

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