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Voyager 21.04 Available to download Based on Ubuntu 21.04

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Voyager GE 21.04 Release Available to Download, which continues the adventure with theGnome Shell 3.38.2office version by introducing new features. With the promise finally realized to have a Gnome system light, fast, modern, fluid, and efficient in a hybrid environment for Tablet. AND PC. This version is based on the Linux 5.11 kernel and the Ubuntu“Hirsute Hippo” distribution. The 21.04 is an intermediate version with a 9-month update that prepares the future 5-year LTS version – Long-term support. With built-in options like only Control, Ubuntu Switch, Tablet PC, Wine-staging, and Steam Gaming in the Voyager Box. 


Voyager 21.04 comes in two desktop versions, with XFCE by default andGnome Shell for this version called Ge. XFCE is only available in the LTS version. Also, you can choose according to your wishes and abilities machines. The general idea of Voyager is to introduce in Gnome shell pre-installed Gnome extensions and, scripts grouped in a Box that optimize the system with, a choice of software needed. The whole in a redesigned ergonomics with wallpaper in number. Beware, Voyager GE 21.04is just a thorough variant of Ubuntu, which I would like to thank the whole team, for this excellent basic work, which allows us to use their system that I always find as simple and well thought out. The entire internal structure is left by default, in order to avoid any security and package problems and all updates come from Ubuntu’s official filings. It is also an international version because all languages and translations have been preserved. A video and presentation images are available below.

Voyager 21.04 Download NOW ;

Voyager GE 21.04 .iso

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