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Voyager Linux 21.10 Available to Download Based on Ubuntu 21.10

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Voyager Live is an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the GNOME desktop and with French language support.

The project has released Voyager Live 21.10 which offers the GNOME 40 desktop and nine months of support. “I introduce you Voyager 21.10 GE which continues the adventure with the GNOME Shell desktop version 40 by introducing new features, support for new systems and technologies and a whole new layout with visual changes for applications and virtual desktops. Improved support for AMD GPUs. A new security module called Landlock with the promise finally realized, to have a light, fast, modern, fluid, secure and efficient GNOME system in a hybrid environment for PC and Tablet. This version is based on the Linux 5.13 kernel and the Ubuntu distribution”Impish Indri” 21.10. It is an intermediate version with 9 months of updates that prepares for the future 5 year LTS – Long-Term Support version which is coming soon. With integrated, options like Conky Control, Repair, Switch Ubuntu, WINE-staging and Steam Gaming in the Box Voyager and 39 GNOME extensions selected according to PC needs.” Further information is available in the project’s release announcement

Download Voyager 21.10:

 Voyager-GE-20.10.amd64.iso (2,851MB, pkglist).


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