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VzLinux 8.4 Download Alternative to Rocky Linux 8.4

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VzLinux 8.4 Download Alternative to Rocky Linux 8.4, VzLinux, a product of Virtuozzo International GmbH, is a free and open-source distribution built from the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The distribution’s latest release is VzLinux 8.4. The release announcement outlines

what is new: “New features: Libreswan IPsec VPN now supports TCP encapsulation and security labels for IKEv2. The nmstate network API for hosts is fully supported in version 8.4. Ansible modules are available for automated management of role-based access control (RBAC) in Identity Management (IdM), an Ansible role for backing up and restoring IdM servers, and an Ansible module for location management. Newer module streams are now available: Python 3.9, SWIG 4.0, Subversion 1.14, Redis 6, PostgreSQL 13, MariaDB 10.5. Compilers have been updated: GCC Toolset 10, LLVM Toolset 11.0.0, Rust Toolset 1.49.0, Go Toolset 1.15.7. Bug fix: if subscription-manager was installed, any dnf command could produce warnings about the system not being registered to Red Hat Subscription Management; now subscription-manager is no longer a dependency of a number of packages and its plugins are disabled by default.” The release notes offer additional information.

Download VzLinux 8.4 :

vzlinux-iso-8.4-7.iso (4,239MB),

vzlinux-iso-min-8.4-13.iso (1,641MB).

Rocky Linux 8.4 Stable Version Download

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