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WayDroid: Android Apps on Linux Phones

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Linux Phones are still a relatively young niche and naturally there is a lack of appropriately adapted apps. Applications like Anbox try to mitigate this by running Android in a container, enabling Android apps on Linux phones and devices with other alternative operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch. For example, postmarketOS received in March 2020 support for Anbox . However, the performance with Anbox has so far been anything but great.

Lineage OS im Container

Hope is raised by the new WayDroid app, which, based on the same principle, aims to offer better performance when running Android apps. The website reported on the weekend Linux Smartphones . WayDroid installs the Android-based environment Lineage OS in a container and thus provides an Android user from which Android apps can be run.

WayDroid, a trunk word from Wayland and Android, was called Anbox-Halium at the beginning of development before it was renamed, because the on GitHub WayDroid developed not only runs on devices with Halium , but also on Linux Phones such as the PinePhone or Librem 5, which instead of use an up-to-date mainline kernel for an Android kernel. However, as the name suggests, Wayland is a basic requirement.

At the beginning

WayDroid is still at the beginning of its development, the aim is to run Android apps as if they were native Linux apps, i.e. without the elements of the Android user environment and with the gestures of the host operating system. An installer is currently missing, which makes setting up a bit time-consuming. Nevertheless, the project needs testers. If you want to help and have a supported phone, you can get the project’s Telegram channel help setting it up in .

A YouTube from May shows the app in the alpha stage. on Twitter A short video shows the current state of development.


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