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What’s New in GNOME 41 ! Coming Soon,,,

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A lot of people have the lot of questions about GNOME 41, What’s New in GNOME 41 ? When GNOME 41 release, well when GNOME 41 back in April first time reported. The first indications for content updates are now known, as website Debugpoint reported. It is common for a release like GNOME 40, with its radical changes, to be followed by a release that makes things easier. This also seems to apply to GNOME 41, if one takes the previously known developments as a basis.


The integration of an important role in future app development at GNOME libadwaita as the GTK4-based successor to libhandy will play . The look of the Adwaita theme is also being revamped, as OMG Ubuntu recently reported. It is rather questionable whether these changes will already have an impact in GNOME 41.

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GNOME Software

The software center GNOME Software is getting a revision with GNOME 41, which moves the category view from the top of the application to a bar on the left. The application adapts responsively and hides the sidebar when the window is zoomed out. The menus in the header are merged in the mobile version of the app. Single view screenshots of applications will in future be organized as a carousel and no longer as a list.

Philosophy and Ethics of The GNOME Desktop Environment

Minor changes

The file manager Files, which was formerly called Nautilus, has seen small improvements. They are supposed to prevent accidental changes to file names. The dialogue Datei nicht gefundennow correctly displays the file name. The GNOME Calculator has been revised to give it a better overview.

“The GNOME Way”: Flatpak is the future, the traditional desktop is dead

Time schedule

There will probably be further changes, especially in the apps, before the release in September. The schedule for GNOME 41 is an alpha version for July 10th, the beta version is scheduled for August 14th, not long after the GNOME developer conference GUADEC, which will be held from July 21st to 25th. The release candidate is scheduled for September 4th, with the stable release scheduled for September 22nd.

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