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Wine 6.18 and Wine staging 6.18 released

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An experimental branch of the open implementation of WinAPI – Wine 6.18 has been released . Since the release of version 6.17 , 19 bug reports have been closed and 485 changes have been made.

The most important changes:

  • Shell32 and WineBus libraries converted to PE (Portable Executable) format.
  • Updated Unicode data to version 14.
  • Mono engine has been updated to version 6.4.0.
  • Additional work has been done to support the debug format DWARF 3/4.
  • A new backend for joysticks supporting the HID (Human Interface Devices) protocol is enabled by default.
  • Closed bug reports related to Resident Evil 7.
  • Closed bug reports related to the operation of applications: Far Manager 2.0, Melodyne 5, ID Photo Maker 3.2, Thai2English, Windows ISO Downloader 8.45, Click-N-Type 3.03.

At the same time , a formed release of the project was Wine Staging 6.18 , within which extended Wine assemblies are formed, including incompletely finished or risky patches that are not yet suitable for adoption into the main Wine branch. Compared to Wine, Wine Staging provides 616 additional patches.

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The new release provides synchronization with the Wine 6.18 codebase. 7 patches related to ntoskrnl.exe, IRP, unixfs support in shell32 and implementation of the K32GetModuleBaseNameW, K32GetModuleInformation and K32GetModuleBaseNameA functions have been transferred to the main Wine composition. Added 4 patches with the ability to integrate Token objects into sapi and support for the FltBuildDefaultSecurityDescriptor and ISpObjectToken-CreateInstance functions. The updated patch has been plat-streaming-support .

Additionally, we can note the announcement by Epic Games of the implementation of support for the Linux platform in the cheat system Easy Anti-Cheat anti- . Support is implemented both for native Linux builds and for games launched using Wine and Proton interlayers, which will solve problems with running Windows-based games with anti-cheat enabled in Wine / Proton. Easy Anti-Cheat allows you to launch a network game in a special isolation mode, which verifies the integrity of the game client and detects intrusion into the process and manipulations with its memory.


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