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WordPress 5.8 Tatum Updated With WebP Support

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WordPress 5.8 has been offered for updates since yesterday. The nickname Tatum honors the jazz pianist Art Tatum. With the new version, the developers of the world’s most frequently used content management system come the goal of Full Site Editing a few steps closer to (FSE), i.e. the possibility of building or adapting websites entirely from blocks. FSE means that a page can be created entirely in the editor without any knowledge of the code being required. The prerequisite is a theme that supports FSE.

Blocks everywhere

With WordPress 5.8, not only the Gutenberg editor can handle blocks, but also the widgets and customizers areas including the live preview. This also means the ability to freely change colors, typography and spacing without having to install plugins.

A new block is available in the editor that is called Query Loop or, in German, query loop and allows the display of articles based on certain parameters. It can be used, for example, to display all the posts in a category. A new effect called Duotone allows you to color image and cover blocks with Duotone filters. According to the developers, the Duotone effect can be thought of as a black-and-white filter, but instead of the shadows being black and the lights white, with Duotone you can choose the colors for the shadows and lights, as the documentation shows is.

WebP directly supported

Furthermore, WordPress 5.8 now directly supports Google’s WebP image format for lossy or losslessly compressed static or animated images. WebP delivers images that are significantly smaller than PNG or JPEG, for example. Since all relevant browsers now support WebP, it was time that WordPress also used the bandwidth-saving format. Speaking of browsers, WordPress 5.8 will end support for Internet Explorer 11.

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