Linux News Server 21.1.0 RC Build Available for Test

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The last full-time release of the server took place in 2018 with version 1.20. With the trend towards Wayland, Red Hat is no longer interested in taking over release management for as it used to be. For a long time no other organization or a developer could be found for the task.

After years of release in sight

That changed a few months ago when the independent Lithuanian developer Povilas Kanapickas started preparing a release and released a development snapshot with modified versioning as xorg-server at the beginning of June. A first release candidate is now available, just behind schedule. If necessary, Kanapickas wants to publish more RCs about fortnightly.

Without XWayland Server 21.1.0 will be the first release that ships without XWayland, which was spun off from some time ago due to delays in its release and released as a separate package. Peter Hutterer, developer of Libinput, derives this development in a very informative blog post .

New build system

The new version will now fully support Meson as a build system. For this release series, the previously used GNU Build System autotools will be delivered again, but then removed. Glamor receives support for the Xvfb framebuffer as well as for XInput 2.4, which brings touchpad gestures. In addition, variable refresh rates are now supported in the mode setting driver. The X.Org DMX DDX driver to support Distributed Multi-Head X was removed after the code had not worked properly for many years. The X server now also reports the correct DPI display in more cases, which is
Can affect rendering of client applications on high-DPI screens. The announcement is attached a complete change log.

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