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Zorin OS 16 Download With Pro, Core and Lite Version

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Zorin OS 16 Download with “Pro” version Alongside free Zorin OS 16 Core, The Zorin OS team have published a new version of their Ubuntu-based distribution. The project’s new release, Zorin OS 16, is available in two editions at the moment: a free edition called Core and a commercial edition called Pro, with a “Pro” version Zorin 16 Pro featured an additional Windows 11 desktop theme. Lite and Educational editions are planned for a later date.

The new Zorin OS 16 release offers a more responsive desktop experience and added a new Zorin Appearance application to make it easier to change the theme, layout, and fonts used by the desktop. “Zorin Appearance allows you to select a different desktop layout, change the app and icon theme, choose your desktop font, and tweak other parts of your desktop to make it truly yours. In Zorin OS 16, we’ve refreshed the app’s layout to make it even easier to find customization options, with the category tabs moved from the top to the left side of the window. Desktop layouts have also been separated into a dedicated tab, and you can now set the size of desktop icons independently from the Files app. We’re introducing an all-new desktop layout in Zorin Appearance which resembles the default interface in Windows 11. It features a modern and streamlined UI that adapts well to computers with touchpads, mice, or touchscreens. The new grid menu, activities overview button, and taskbar icons are placed front and center for easy access and effortless navigation on screens of all sizes.” These, along with other new features, can be found in the project’s release announcement.

Zorin OS 16 Download .iso :

Zorin-OS-16-Core-64-bit.iso (2,720MB, pkglist).

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  7. I have a frieng who uses your system and I am very impressed with this. I have had problems with windows 10 blocking me. I have followed your instructions but have failed . . . Help please….

  8. Barry Solotki Reply

    Why does it take 12 hours to download Zorin 16 os 64 bit? Is there a quicker way of downloading?

    • TechStoney Reply

      Try this with following link, there is available google drive fast download link :

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