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Zorin OS 16 Pro brings the interface from Windows 11 to Linux

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Zorin OS 16 Pro is the new version of the GNU / Linux distribution that seeks to introduce to the free system users of other platforms (especially Windows) , adapting the visual environment and enhancing the tools that allow software such as WINE to be executed so that Windows users they feel at home.

It is not the only distro that allows a non-dramatic change, but this one does it very well. If Zorin OS 16 was announced to ‘replace Windows 10’ this new ‘Pro’ version is postulated as an alternative to Windows 11 .

We are very pleased to present the latest edition of Zorin OS in a version that brings together the best applications and the most advanced features, so that you can unleash the full potential and perform your work better,”  say the developers . “Our technical support service is included so you can get up and running smoothly. And each purchase helps finance the development of the Zorin OS project for the benefit of all .

The developers explain that the design of the desktop environment is completely new and similar to that of Windows 11. It has a modern and streamlined user interface that is well suited to all types of computers and input interfaces, touchscreens or mice. The new grid menu, activities button and taskbar icons are positioned front and center “for easy access and effortless navigation on screens of all sizes ” .

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Zorin OS 16 Pro is based on the version with long-term support Ubuntu 20.04 and with desktop environments Gnome Shell 3.38 or XFCE depending on the version, the applications, another careful section especially in this distribution has also been enhanced and its managers promise «the library Largest Out-of-the-Box Application Available of Any Open Source Desktop .

The application offering is integrated into a single “store” where the user can choose several sources from which to download, starting with the addition of the Flathub repository, a de facto standard for obtaining applications using the package Flatpak format integrated in previous versions of the distro.

Zorin OS 16 Pro will be available for download alongside the release of the final version of Zorin OS 16 Core on Tuesday , August 17 . The ‘Core’ version, the Gnome-based general edition, will be completely free, but will not offer the Windows 11 interface.

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The ‘Pro’ version will replace the one known as ‘Ultimate’ from the launch of Zorin OS 16 onwards, and will be available at the same price, 39 euros of one-time payment at a really low cost to support developers and the continuity of the version. The developers have also announced the launch of the Pro Lite edition alongside the Zorin OS 16 Lite which will be released in the coming months.


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